The past few months we have been working on an exciting project in Yorkshire.

The original brief was aimed at altering the internal layout of the home to suit the needs and tastes of our client. Alongside the internal changes, we have implemented a few small changes to the exterior of the building as well as reimagining the 0.5 acres of the existing landscape, including the adjacent outbuildings.

From the beginning, our aim was to rebalance the irregular, disorganised interior layout, creating smoother transition between rooms with plethora of atmospheres to accommodate different moods and needs – from the open sun rooms providing connection to the natural expanse, to more insular and cozy nooks. Our client’s love of natural materials, appreciation for craftmanship, and preference for simple and elegant spaces further inspired the scheme.

Finally, faithful to the studio’s design principles, any addition fits effortlessly within its existing context in a seamless and integrated manner. From the expressive York stone exterior to the double height main hall with its tactile panelling, the importance of paying homage to heritage and tradition is clear, whilst adding a contemporary take that reflects endurance and longevity.

We look forward to sharing  photos from the construction site soon.