Over the past week, the JTD studio has been busy preparing presentations and being part of various talks and discussions both within and outside of the architecture community.

On Tuesday 27th April at 14:00 GMT, Giles Tollit, Headmaster of Horris Hill School, and Jonathan will be presenting the newly completed theatre as part of the Festival of Learning Spaces Events. The public talk will explore ways in which the development the theatre has strengthened the whole school community and the ability of architecture to energise the students, their education, and their natural curiosity and playfulness. Please tune in at the link!

Last Tuesday, Rob Leechmere presented our apartment refurbishment project within a Georgian terraced house in Marylebone to students at Northumbria University. Capturing ideas of hierarchy within a single floorplan, the talk explored the meaning of sequence and ornament through Sir John Soane’s Museum and drawn from Louis Kahn’s study of Scottish castles, how the project distinguishes ancillary functions within the walls and creates rooms within rooms.

Last week we also took part in RIBA’s discussion panel talk as part of their Architecture Anew series, focusing on new ways in which we can work with natural materials. Alongside Practice Architects and Studio Morison, topics surrounded the lifecycle of built form and an entropic system of materials, questioning the industry’s hardwired ambition for absolute permanence of structures. On our part we delved into a revenant of ancient building techniques through our rammed earth project in Wiltshire. Also through our school theatre in Newbury, we touched on how the practice searched for meaningful, articulate architecture when building with high-tech materials such as CLT, whose great structural properties swallow a historically inherent need for expressive detailing or structural proportion.