We are delighted to share three illustrations from a recently completed feasibility study, for the reception area of Acland Burghley Secondary School at Tufnell Park in North London.

The proposal centred around rethinking the entrance area in its entirety to design a welcoming, better-connected reception, improve way-finding and create visual connections for safeguarding the entrance gate while providing a Covid-safe space for staff and visitors.

The first image presents the proposed Entrance & Reception Desk, fundamental in the overall impression given by the building upon arrival. When designing this area, revealing the original built fabric of the building seemed important, feeding into the idea of using the existing material palette and creating a varied experience through texture.

The second image¬†shows the Main Atrium Space, the navigational axis for the main school building. Here, to accomplish a clearer way-finding system, link the disparate spaces around the school complex, but also the overall visual identity of the school, we proposed installing signs inspired by the external fence’s signage.

Finally, the third visualisation illustrates the Formal Waiting Area that links the reception to the main admin office while serving as a more private area used for visitors with more formal or sensitive meetings. In this case, we imagined the space being softer in its look and feel, providing a calmer and quieter space, divided from the entrance corridor by a semi-permeable screen.