Our Usterberg project is at a pivotal stage of its construction as it pushes towards completion. The farmhouse, dating back to the 1800’s, is in the midst of a radical transformation into a voluminous dwelling with guest wing.

We recently made a visit to the Austrian Alps to view the progress on site. Considerable window panes have been craned into place, granting the building a fresh pair of eyes to admire its dramatic snow-capped context. The entire roof has been replaced, with scaffolding removed to reveal the new cross-laminated timber beams in all their splendour. Junctions between the patina of old and new timbers are becoming apparent, evoking harmony between existing elements and intervention.

The team arrived to a whiteout which reinforced the warmth that the timber exudes on the interior when weather conditions are inhospitable outside. Cladding is being erected and nearing completion, subtly obscuring vast windows on the exterior to maintain the buildings uniformity with its traditional neighbours.