Continuing with our Building on the Built series with vivacious spirit, we hosted Barcelona-based architectural practice VORA Arquitectura to ACAVA Studios. Led by director Pere Buil, we observed architectural transformations in the urban realm.

From small, precise interventions in existing buildings through to large-scale urban transformations, their work betrays a critical eye and a voracious appetite for the pleasures and complexities of urban life.

In Catalan ‘vora’ means an edge or limit, such as the hem of a garment or a coastline. This suggestion of a liminal, or ‘between’ space, helps to situate the practice’s position somewhere on the borderline between the past and future and between the domestic and civic realms. Pere Buil has described the work of the practice as a dialog between audacity and melancholy; looking forward, critically, to what transformations are possible and yet simultaneously looking back to the past, of being aware of the presence of history and the value of collective memory.

Thank you all for coming!

For the next Building on the Built night, we look forward to welcoming Stephen Bates, from Sergison Bates Architects. We’re looking forward to hearing more from him about how his practice approaches work within existing structures and how this relates to the ever-increasing pressure on architectural practice to embrace re-use, circularity in production and change-over-time under the umbrella of the ‘intelligent ruin’.

This talk will take place on Wednesday 27th April 2022 in London. More details soon.