Last night we hosted the talented architectural photographer Jim Stephenson for Building on the Built’s film night. Jim trained in Architectural Technology, and after working in practice for several years both in the UK and US, turned to photography and has been working internationally ever since. He is also the founder of the non-profit arts organisation Miniclick which has striven to eliminate the culture of gatekeeping in the photography world for over 10 years.

Having documented buildings for a huge range of practices and publications, Jim has been influential in the increasing use of the moving image to capture architectural subjects. His lecture focused on documenting buildings in use, offering inspirational references and valuable insights on how the atmosphere is built up through editing, movement and sound.

Despite all the technical aspects of making an architectural film, he argued that the most important part of the process is that of observation. Paraphrasing Leo Tolstoy, after watching Jim’s films, we can add that all the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is not only made up of light and shadow but of small acts of inhabitation hidden in plain sight.

Thank you all for coming!

For the next Building on the Build night, we look forward to welcoming the multi-disciplinary, Barcelona-based practice, VORA Arquitectura, led by Pere Buil and Toni Riba. From small, precise interventions in existing buildings through to large-scale urban transformations, their work betrays a critical eye and a voracious appetite for the pleasures and complexities of urban life. They have won numerous international awards for their work at various scales and they combine practice with teaching, curating and cultural activism.

This talk will take place at 7:00 pm GMT on Thursday 10th February 2022 in London. More details soon.