We have been shortlisted to reimagine the 19th Century Stuivenberg hospital in Antwerp, Belgium, into a city park with new educational, cultural and communities’ facilities. The proposal was developed with a Belgium based team headed by BC Architects and proposes a place for the community through an adaptable space that observes the landscape, circularity and history of the site. The team reflected on the importance of creating diverse spatial and social articulations as an intrinsic aspect of a city degrowth. With a focus on inclusivity, we looked at the heterogeneity and plurality that surrounds the public sphere to present an intervention that considered the value of equitable spaces for the community.

These illustrations place an emphasis on the public realm and the desire for green space. The determining factors of our proposal outlined the restoration of the silhouette of the building and trees as anchor points for the site. Furthermore, we looked at reintroducing the green perimeter and freeing up the open space to encourage community gathering and foster public growth.