We have recently completed the detail design for converting a former clothing shop into a wine bar/cafe/shop, located in a historic townhouse on the right bank of the old town of Luzern, Switzerland.  Drawing from the imaginative landscapes of JMW Turner, aspects of light and subtlety of form were our key design drivers to inform the creative process.

Highlighting the natural minerality of stone and sediment, the materials sourced will combine with the existing wooden language of the building to establish a rich and sympathetic palette.

The new floor will be cast insitu using river stones from Lake Luzern a short walk away, whilst the interior walls of the ground floor bar and café will be lined with Swiss green marble to create a space with a rich material language and relationship to the landscape of Luzern. Harbouring a natural character, the material selection will draw influence from the heritage on site and enhance the newly defined spaces with a textural point of intrigue.

Lined throughout the interior, the cut river stone flooring will mirror the existing stone walls as a unification of material heritage to align with the modern redesign – a link between the historic and the contemporary.