Situated within the picturesque Surrey woodlands, this new house crowns the hill and positions itself between crops of trees, affording dramatic views to the west through the tree canopies over the surrounding landscape.

The form of the country house echoes the sloped landscape that it sits on, creating an interior topography that directly references its surrounding landscape and breaks its volume, aiding to spatially divide the house and define a sequence of programme. In addition to the main westerly view, the design also aims to create ways in which other, more insulated parts of the gardens could be enjoyed. The articulation of step-backs and bay windows in the facade and the inclusion of double aspect windows in rooms gives spaces a closer connection to their immediate surroundings. The spaces adjacent to the house form a series of courtyards each with an individual character and relationship to the house, creating varying degrees of privacy intrinsically linked to the internal spaces they sit next to. Quieter rooms in the house face onto more secluded and quiet parts of the grounds, and similarly, more formal areas such as the living and dining space are arranged to correspond to a landscape that cultivates views and paths extending from them.