This 16th Century Grade II listed hall was once a centre for the wool trade in Somerset, and more recently functioned as a recording studio for great music bands including Tears for Fears, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Annie Lennox, and The Smiths among others. Due to start construction on site within the next month, the alterations to the hall will rejoice its historic character, much of which has faded and waned into a state of disrepair. The new intervention will continue its musical history as a live/work space, functioning as a recording studio and home.

Having been cut, carved, and repaired over the years, Wool Hall is an amalgam of old stone and earthen brick. Speaking in the same language of patchwork and infill, the fireplace sews into the stone in an embroidery of old and new, mentioning the history of infill that characterises the hall and is still visible in patches of brick within stone along the exterior facades. The extension to the rear of the hall will offer reclusive spaces, including a sitting room, work space, and guest rooms all adjoined to the garden, set in interstices between the old stone construction and new timber curtain wall.