We’re very excited we have been appointed to remodel a historic dormitory in the alpine village of Ursenthal in Switzerland, settled within the Urseren valley, east of Andermatt.

The listed three-storey “Soldatenhouse”, designed by the renowned architect brothers Pfister from Zurich, is part of the country’s vast networks of bunkers, barracks and outposts. Built in 1916-17 as a dormitory, with space for a small number of troops to live and sleep, it ultimately ended up becoming a regional tourist camp with a small gastro kitchen and a bar.

We are looking forward to reimagining this historical building into a welcoming and heart-warming meeting place, while respecting its context. The essence of our intervention lies in the search for a balance between restoring and preserving the monumental atmosphere of the past and the sober integration of new elements typical of contemporary comfort.