Defined by popular culture, a history of market trade and frenetic night life, Berwick Street is an iconic thoroughfare in the heart of Soho.

Jonathan Tuckey Design were recently appointed to design a new Malin+Goetz apothecary within this epicentre of recreation and revelry. The design process initiated with an in-depth investigation into the urban context, understanding the eclectic heritage and dynamic scene that radiates from the alleyways, underground bars and fashion boutiques. Soho has long been a trailblazer when it comes to social commentary, inclusivity, diversity and creativity. This is a neighbourhood that exemplifies the qualities of modern-day London.

Berwick Street is renowned for retail; specifically, it’s market dating back to the 1770s. In the past, awnings, stalls and vendors would jostle for attention with gregarious touting and cascading tiers of goods. This vibrant energy has remained ever-present and is now complemented by a burgeoning food scene, annual parades and theatre productions that are synonymous with contemporary Soho.

The site for Malin+Goetz is located within this semi-pedestrianised public realm, set back from the market stalls and proposed to celebrate the areas chaotic energy whilst offering much needed respite from the unrelenting freneticism of Oxford and Regents Street.

The proposals look to celebrate decorative joinery that is quintessential within traditional apothecary examples, framing the Malin+Goetz ‘plus’ motif. Similar to the adjacent market stalls, humble and lightweight materials, such as reclaimed timber, will be reinterpreted into beautifully designed units.

This is the fifth collaboration between the practice and Malin+Goetz, having completed other stores in Canary Wharf, Spitalfields, Covent Garden and Islington.

We look forward to sharing more visuals of the project soon!