We are very happy that our works are nearing completion works within a Grade II listed property located in Nottinghill, London. Our work included a garden level extension providing additional dressing and study space for bedrooms located on the rear façade.

The initial design of the extension was conceived in order to bring light and warmth into the main living areas. Reflecting the traditional Victorian house, each room was designed to have an individual character.

Entering the building, a polished plaster vaulted ceiling and bright ceramic tiles on the floor create a calm and quiet atmosphere. On the ground floor, the delicate oak joinery emerging from the misty walls of subtly differing plaster hues, underlined in sharp white framing from painted skirting, warm up the space while dividing the living areas from the entrance and the bedrooms. In the basement, the autumnal hues of the terrazzo floor are bringing together an enfilade of vividly coloured rooms.