We are delighted to share a series of illustrations from a recently completed feasibility study, for a small, rural nursery in the North Highlands of Scotland. We aimed to design a multifunctioning outdoor shelter that would complement the natural beauty of the surrounding forest area and support the children’s development in an outdoor focused learning environment.

We proposed using a U Build modular construction system that consists of a fully demountable, reusable and recyclable flat pack kit made from timber parts. Wooden panels can be easily assembled into boxes to create the shelter’s rigid frame, as well as internal partitions, furniture, and storage. The simplicity in the construction method makes it an ideal building system for small scale community-based projects, allowing for local members of a community to participate and take ownership in the assembly of the shelter.

The ground floor features a spacious playing room, with a wood-burning stove as its centrepiece, whilst the first floor functions as a quieter resting/reading area, which could sleep up to 20 children. An external view from the playground shows the intentional positioning of the shelter in and around the trees, helping it serve as an extension of the natural landscape.

Low impact and minimal in its design, we hope to see this project come to life in the well-deserving community of Caithness.