This week, the team at Jonathan Tuckey Design ventured out into the rolling hills of Wiltshire for our annual office trip. An overnight in the countryside proved a fantastic opportunity to get together, away from the hustle and bustle of London. Alongside two site visits, there was plenty of food, fresh air and festivities to fill our time.

We stayed at a cosy cottage just outside of Salisbury, and made the most of the fully equipped kitchen on offer. The first day comprised a sustainability brainstorming session followed by a wonderful outdoor lunch, making the most of a blue-sky window as winter slowly emerges into view. An evening stroll along the River Avon to Salisbury Cathedral worked up an appetite for a feast upon our return.

On day two, we meandered through thick forest to emerge at our Rammed Earth House project. Progress has been made at a startling rate, with sections of the building now water-tight and oak window frames arriving on site. After seeing so many models and visualisations, this was an opportunity for the whole team to witness the physical scale of this revolutionary design. Textured earth walls rise to meet shingled cedar rooftops with meticulous detailing, all pivoted towards terrific views spanning the valleys below.

As we made our way back to London, we paid visit our reinvention of a grade II listed, 16th century Wool Hall as it nears completion. Serving several purposes during its multifarious history, including a stint as a recording studio, Wool Hall has been transformed into a bright and spacious home. The eccentricity of the original building has been restored whilst interventions have offered more vantages of intrigue and a functional room layout. A contemporary extension has sympathetically mirrored the romanticism of the original pitched roof whilst providing essential space for contemporary family life.