We are very happy about our fourth collaboration with New York-based apothecary company Malin + Goetz. Here we see the new store located in the heart of Cabot Square, Canary Wharf. We started working with the international brand in 2015 and have designed several stores across London since then, each reflecting our shared ethos of celebrating heritage and surroundings, with a thorough investigation of the area to understand existing features which can be highlighted with considered modern additions.

This time, we investigated the unique character of Canary Wharf within the city; the store as a place of rest within the busy centre, a calm oasis surrounded by deep luxurious fabric drapes with towers disappearing into the darkness above. The marble ripples from the existing flooring continue inside, dissipating as the space settles towards a tranquil consultation space at the rear, where customers and knowledgeable workers can sit and try their products.

We were fortunate to visit the store and hear from Co-Founder Andrew Goetz in an exclusive interview offering insights on the company and brand ethos.

Happy to invite everyone to a Q&A with Jonathan Tuckey and the lead architect of the project, Ryuta Hirayama, alongside the Malin+Goetz Team on Tuesday the 19th of July. Join us by booking your place through this link.