We have recently started work on a feasibility for a former methodist chapel in the South Holland district of Lincolnshire, England. Donated to the people of South Holland three years ago, historically, the building has supported the community as a Temperance Hall and a railway mission with the intention to benefit the fractured community.

With an initial outline to preserve the history of the building, we have been appointed to look into regenerating the chapel into a vibrant welcoming space that unites and meets the needs of the diverse community. The aim of the service will help support both families and individuals build relationships that make people feel included and anchored within the community.

Discovering the heritage of the Chapel, in this appointment, Jonathan Tuckey Design will shape and determine which facilities and services are to be considered to meet the communities present and post-Covid needs. Prior to this appointment, initial discussions have outlined various services and activities to engage and service the community from a food-based training facility to a community café and an open all hours befriending service.

In this feasibility study, the project will look to empower the community unifying a positive outlook on the area and investment in the local historic environment. Engaging with the local businesses, the study will identify the community needs and set out proposals for the building identifying the charitable services most beneficial for the community.