Jonathan Tuckey Design have presented the outline design for remodelling a 19th century period villa in the Menaggio region of Italy. Situated along the western shore of Lake Como, we have offered new landscaping and a modern redesign that appreciates the surrounding vistas. Comprising of five floors, the ambition is to create graceful contemporary spaces that retain and respect the historic features of the villa, with an emphasis on landscape design, aiming to strengthen the connection between the internal and external spaces.

The proposed internal changes aim to revive the character of the house drawing from the lines of the existing façade, the internal changes propose a language of arches in these series of elevations. With views over Lake Como, the campanile tower is a characteristic structure of the property, retaining the external façade, the tower presents an adjoining element of the building linking the historic façade alongside its modern internal additions.

Following the curved lines of the existing front façade, the redesign of the lower ground floor extension is to sit harmoniously with the existing façade in the same architectural language. The external curved lines of the façade are brought into the internal space with curved sectional ceilings in the internal corridors. The main redesign sets to improve circulation by reinstating a new stairwell to the front connecting the lower ground to ground floor level. The top floor will see an addition of extra dormers to provide increased natural light and ventilation whilst we look to retain the existing roof structure to maintain the history of the building.

In the initial stages of outline design, we map out our proposal for external alterations to the landscape observing a contemporary redesign that plays homage to the sites existing history.