Outline design for our former Fun Factory project, located in southeast London, has begun with visualisation sketches giving an impression of our intentions for this unique brief. Jonathan Tuckey Design were appointed to reinvent the building into a multifunctional wellbeing and fitness studio earlier this year.

Built by a theatre designer in 1906, this elegant and slender property was once used for elaborate rehearsals and set production, hence its Fun Factory nickname. Decorative window pediments are a unique feature in relation to the local context, whilst exposed steel trusses and large skylights enhance the interiors tangible industrial feel. The building is currently mixed use, with working and residential spaces interspersed throughout the floors.

Our proposals will alter the layout considerably, with a garage space on the ground floor leading upstairs to a gym, dojo, sauna, kitchen and rooftop mezzanine. At the buildings summit, we intend to create a roof extension to utilise the building’s height and open up vistas towards London’s iconic skyline. Located at the rear of the building, this intervention will have little visual impact from street level and mirrored glazing will delicately nestle the extension in reflective harmony to the original structure.

It is our ambition to improve the energy efficiency and flow between spaces of the entire building, whilst retaining the rich and significant history through restoration of characterful elements.