Set within a Norwegian archipelago in the arctic circle, is Trevarefabrikken; a cultural pillar within this remote community. Jonathan Tuckey Design were commissioned to reorientate the space for creative and commercial functionality whilst retaining the industrial heritage ingrained in the built fabric. Formerly a cod liver oil factory, this substantial edifice has evolved into a more avant-garde venue for contemporary Henningsvaer. A restaurant, wine bar, hotel, library and events space inhabit the interior and exterior of this stunning location, with panoramic vistas over the Vestfjordan sea.

When compiling the scheme for the project, we recognised the influence of natural light on the building. Long summer days and winter nights manifest in an extreme array of sun and moonlight. Bi-folding shuttering, vast apertures, internal glazed lanterns, deceptive mirrors and retention of disused machinery all contribute to an atmosphere that celebrates the light and mood of all seasons.

In order to capture a revitalised Trevarefabrikken basked in Nordic light, we collaborated with esteemed photographer Andrea Gjestvang. Andrea has received numerous accolades for her documentation of rural Norway; encapsulating how people inhabit this beautiful, vast and, at times, unforgiving landscape. Her work investigates social change and this humanist perspective felt apt in photographing and filming Trevarefabrikken. Andrea arrived on site this week, greeted by endless blue sky as spring reaches full bloom.

 We look forward to sharing Andrea’s portfolio over the coming weeks!