Our Rammed Earth House is beginning to take shape on site in Wiltshire, with the earth walls now starting to be capped with cedar shingle roofs. Set to be the first free standing rammed earth dwelling in the UK for 100 years, the design is a bold reinterpretation of an English country house, making use of site-won materials such as ground clay, crushed brick and recycled concrete to form the primary structure.

Traditional methods of craft, local materials and sustainable design are all being utilised to create a truly unique homestead. Welcoming visitors into the house will be a deep overhanging roof supported on a timber colonnade. Profiled columns are being carefully crafted from reclaimed greenheart, a hardwood sourced from a former pier in coastal Devon. These lock into equally carefully carved Chicksgrove limestone bases – a contemporary take on an agricultural staddle stone. Hand-cleft oak pegs and oak wedges secure the different timber elements to each other. This seeks to celebrate the coming together of different materials using traditional carpentry, and to form joints without the use of steel, cement or glue. Over time the timbers will weather to a soft silvery grey to settle the building into its rural landscape.

New digital renders provide an idea as to what the project will look like when complete and how the shingle roof will be supported by the stone and timber columns.