Jonathan Tuckey Design are part of the team who have been shortlisted to reimagine the 19th Century Stuivenberg hospital in Antwerp, Belgium, into a city park with new educational, cultural and communities facilities.

The original building was conceived by Belgium Architect Baeckelmans, as the result of an architectural competition in 1873. The hospital was conceived as 8 pavilions within medicinal gardens, and at its centre where the facilities of an operating theatre, a laundry, a chapel, a convent and a morgue.

The innovative building turned the scientific understand of hygiene into an architectural typology.  With new understandings of contagion, each cylindrical ward treated a specific disease.  The wards which where distanced from each other to ensure the separation of disease was revolutionary in its time.

The hospital building which opened in 1884, is now being replaced by the new complex.  We are working alongside BC Architects, Callebaut, BAS bvba, EVR Architecten, Atelier Arne DeRuyter, Cenergie, Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies, and we will be submitting our proposal in October.