The David Brownlow Theatre has been featured in the new book, ‘Where We Learn – Reimagining Educational Spaces’. Published by FRAME, the book explores contemporary architectural examples from across the globe that seek to optimise and enhance the education of children and young people.

‘Where We Learn’ investigates the influence that The David Brownlow Theatre has in the development of pupils at Horris Hill Preparatory School in Berkshire. A passive ventilation system, outdoor learning areas, a new civic square and a generous interior performance space prompt discourse, play, grasp of languages and aptitude. Use of soft materials such as a cross-laminated timber structure, beech battens and wood fibre panelling make for a welcoming series of spaces that connect heavily to the buildings idyllic bucolic landscape.

In today’s climate there is a continuous evolution in how we go about our everyday lives, with technology, environmental concerns and the coronavirus pandemic all influencing our outlook. It is arguably more important now than ever to question how education can be altered during this turbulent time. Architecture is a leading light in guiding the next generation, through stimulating design, responsible materiality and permeable spaces.

We thank the team at FRAME for their efforts in executing a beautiful publication and including The David Brownlow Theatre amongst other pioneering designs. ‘Where We Learn – Reimaging Educational Spaces’ is available to purchase now.