With the foundations having been laid last year, rammed earth construction is making good progress on our Rammed Earth House. Sourcing material on-site and directly from the landscape, the build’s structure is outlined in compositional layers of compacted earth, defining a distinct tactile quality and natural tone. As the rising elevations of rammed earth progress, the drawn details of sand, clay and aggregate come to life.

Unlike most construction sites where materials and ready-made components are delivered, sometimes from long distances, in this process of rammed earth, the site is turned into part quarry, part processing plant as an on-site mode of material excavation. These photographs taken by photographer Nick Ingram capture the handmade nature of the  construction process from the sourcing of aggregate, to compacting the earth. Observing the on-site progress, a narrative begins to emerge connecting people to place and landscape to build as we capture the evolution of its construction.

As the external envelope of the building is revealed the construction of the walls at a closer glance, display a rich materiality within its construction and material composition.