Started on site this month, the Old Chapel is the readaptation of an early 20th Century chapel for a family along the coast of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Beauty.

The extension and interior treatment of the newly opened first floor will be sympathetic to the building’s historical past. The works have begun in reinstating the original vaulted volume by peeling away the extrinsic layers added in the 1990’s.

On the exterior, coats of render are being removed, exposing beautiful brick datums and stone sills. Within the interior, arched trusses and complex timber roof forms of the old structure are revealed and will be sanded and washed with a thin white stain. Removing plasterboard from the interior walls shows the intention of exposing the stone underneath. After being blocked in during recent renovations, the original entrance from the road will be reinstated. Together the works have exposed a natural, earthy and robust material palette that make the chapel more familiar with its past.