We are pleased to announce we have been shortlisted for the upcoming Royal Academy Summer Exhibition with our projects Wachthuus and Rammed Earth House.

Under the curatorial direction of Alison Wilding, the overarching theme for this year’s Summer Exhibition is climate. Shortlisted with two of our works, we entered an exhibition drawing of our project Wachthuus, and a timber model of our project Rammed Earth House.  Presenting the topographical landscape of the Swiss village of Andermatt, the drawing aims to highlight its ecological landscape linking topics of environmental decay, water security and migration. Our second shortlist sees our timber model of Rammed Earth House, a scale model of the building and landscape; Rammed Earth House looks at the revival of a centuries-old traditional building technique.

The works will be handed over to The Royal Academy on the 10th May for the final round of judging, looking forward to hearing the outcome and the works selected for the highly anticipated Summer Exhibition!