This week The Modern House delved into our Yard House project; revisiting to document how the property has settled within its urban context and gaining insight in how the interior and exterior spaces enrich the day to day.

The project completed in 2015 and has since evolved under the stewardship of owners Daniel Baer and Jassim Ahmad, with landscaping of a Japanese garden recently completed. Foliage has matured to accept the buildings full embrace and interact with the upper storey balconies. The design alludes to agricultural lightweight materiality, pulling a rural sensibility into a dense built-up neighbourhood.

The Yard House is positioned within an unassuming and compact site, sheltered from a bustling street behind a wall of South London Victorian terraces. The building runs at right angles, mirroring the adjacent brick volumes whilst hugging a contemplative courtyard. The façade is comprised of translucent polycarbonate panels that permeate a soft light throughout the living areas in the day. At night the elevations glow like lanterns with an ethereal grace, evoking an atmosphere of calm and warmth.

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