Work has begun onsite for the renovation of the Old Farmhouse in Winchester. Dating back to the 15th Century, the Grade II listed house is one of the oldest in the city. The renovation occupies the ground floor as a historically sensitive intervention with the introduction of new living spaces, kitchen and dining.

Navigating the existing timber structures and finding opportunities to reuse old elements whilst opening passageways and previously limited views towards the garden, the house retains the character of the vernacular whilst granting a new, more functional and open space that embrace a greater connection to its surroundings.

The material palette is formerly defined by its primary timber structure throughout the interior, and is adapted with the addition of robust and textured materials including earthen brick on the floors that also form seating benches.

The outbuilding is synonymic to the main building in its expression of the timber used for its roof, and stands as a separate, new lightweight counterpart to the adjacent house. Work has started on the removal of the existing outbuilding and joinery in the kitchen, elements that will be retained and reused in the new renovation.