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JTD have been appointed to reimagine a series of entrance, reception and staff areas for Acland Burghley Secondary School in Tufnell Park in North London. The existing school building is a key example of 1960’s post-war brutalism, originally designed by Howell Killick Partridge & Amis Architects.

This Grade II listed complex provides secondary and sixth form education for 1000 students and is a key part of the local community and civic infrastructure. As part of our feasibility studies, we are excited to be able to help the school understand how it may adapt for the future whilst examining an approach to sensitively uncovering and celebrating some of the schools’ original features.

The three images produced for the feasibility study illustrate a series of interventions, centred around rethinking the entrance area in its entirety to a design that is more a welcoming, better-connected reception space. Our design outlines improved wayfinding and the creation of visual connections for safeguarding the entrance, whilst providing a Covid-safe space for staff and visitors.

The first image presents the proposed ‘Entrance & Reception Desk’. In designing this area, revealing the original built fabric of the building was a key driving factor, feeding into the idea of using the existing material palette through a more textural approach.

The second image shows the ‘Main Atrium Space’, the navigational axis for the main school building. We proposed installing signs inspired by the external fence’s signage to link the disparate spaces around the school complex, but also the overall visual identity of the school to accomplish a clearer way-finding system.

The ‘Formal Waiting Area’ is depicted in the final image. This space links the reception to the main admin office while serving as a more private area used for visitors with more formal or sensitive meetings. We imagined the space being softer in its look and feel, providing a calmer and quieter space, divided from the entrance corridor by a semi-permeable screen.

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