This project is part of the ongoing re-configuration of a series of buildings centred around a mews in Knightsbridge, for the London-based fashion boutique Egg. The most recently completed phase is the refurbishment and alteration of one house in the mews to create a new pied-á-terre for Egg’s owner and to provide a much needed expansion of the back-of-house facilities for the adjacent shop.

Within the existing mews, every effort was made to reduce unnecessary waste; the original wooden floorboards were treated and reused and new interventions constructed from softwood timber and chipboard panels inhabited the spaces as lightweight additions to the lofty volumes of the building. The use of chipboard added a soft, granular texture to the material palette of the studio and also made creative use out of a material constructed of what is commonly a waste material or by-product of construction.

Inspired by the essentialism and pared-back minimalism of the Egg boutique and by the informal character of the mews and the shop, we have inserted a series of containers within the first floor of the building to accommodate domestic and commercial functions. These boxes sit within the volume of the roof and create the nest-like atmosphere of an attic or store room. On the ground floor the project includes a bespoke wooden bath supplied by Studio Anna van der Lei set within a bathroom that opens to the mews and that doubles as a meeting room for the Egg team.

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