JTD completed works within a row of Grade II listed terraced buildings by C.F.A. Voysey and Mackmurdo in Knightsbridge. Adapting the bathrooms and kitchens in the existing office spaces for Dorrington, the renovation focuses on recapturing the original expressions and colours of the original 19th Century Arts & Crafts buildings that were lost through changes of use over the decades.

New timber panelling on the walls of the kitchens and bathrooms give one a recognition of place within the building by a gradual change of the linework pattern from one level to the next, dispersing as one moves up through the building. Colour palettes were conceived around Voysey’s delicate wallpaper patterns, framed in each bathroom as a reference to the buildings’ architect and his countryside inspired watercolours.

The next stage of works will introduce new shared amenities for the offices on the ground floor, altering the internal layout to be sensitive to the original 19th Century plan and transforming it for modern use as a reception, shared lounges and dining.